Career Talk #4 – May 28th, 2020: Your Career and Your Community

Our “Career Talk” quote of the week: “If you surround yourself with quality people and great friends; The sky’s the limit!
– Wayne Gretzky

Our guest today was Brandy Brown form the North of Main (NoMa) Community Center located at 85 Walnut Street right here in Binghamton, New York.

Brandy started at the Community Center volunteering at the arts and crafts event on Saturday mornings and it went over so well that she was offered a part-time position to continue arts and crafts events and do more community outreach as well.

One of Brandy’s art projects was a vision board with the theme of: Things I would love to do once we get out of this situation”.

Some of the points that Brandy made today about creating a vision board and how it can help your career and personal development were:

– “There’s not going to be a better time to create a vision board.” With all the changes we are experiencing nowadays creating a vision for Life and career really makes a lot of sense.

–  Make your vision “a focal point of your day.” Give yourself something positive to think about and start your day out right!

– “Start with the big pictures first.” Think about and concentrate on the big picture if we get bogged down with all the small stuff we can end up frustrating ourselves.

I am going to get a dry-erase board and put some positive sayings, ideas, and pictures on it to encourage and motivate myself! I will show you how I am doing on next week’s show!

To see any of Brandy’s Arts and Crafts videos go to the North of Main Facebook page and click on videos! Make sure to watch the vision board video it is inspiring!

To get more information on NoMa their contact information is:
Website: site
Phone: (607) 723-7303