Career Talk #3 – Parenting and Career in the “New Normal”

Our “Career Talk” quote of the week:
“Procrastination is the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”
– Wayne Gretzky
Thank you to Dan and Shelley for being with us today! I have a ton of thoughts and ideas about today’s “Career Talk” and I will use three words to get them out of my head and into a written form:
Word Number 1 – Community
We talked about a lot of Community Resources today and the amazing thing is there are a ton more where they came from! Sometimes I wonder why more people don’t utilize our abundant community resources and I think there are a bunch of reasons. Maybe the biggest one is: What resource is best for me and my family and how do  I take the next step? “Career Talk” is about helping each other take that next step. If you were encouraged by today’s “Career Talk” and you want to talk about a next step then send me or one of our guests today a quick e-mail. (Mine is: and I will be glad to connect YOU!
Word Number 2 – Certificates
Certificates are worth their weight in gold and then some! Whenever you take a course, class, training or anything like that make sure you get a certificate! When you get a certificate for free like in the programs we talked about today, you can get an “infinite return on your investment”. Pretend like the certificates that you earn are printed in gold! Save them and share them on interviews and in casual conversation. Be proud of the certificates you’ve earned! I took a course many years ago called the “Family Development Credential” it was free and I was being paid for my time by my employer at the time! I tell people that I wouldn’t trade that Credential for a  degree that I paid thousands of dollars for! That training changed my career and my mindset as well. I challenge you to get a certificate from one of our guests today! You get one from completing The Fatherhood Program too! When you complete a course and get your certificate contact me and we can talk about how to get your best “Return on Investment” (ROI).
Word Number 3 – Commitment
I like the old saying “Nothing works if YOU won’t” I have been as guilty of having a lack of commitment as anyone and probably more so! The key to commitment is to focus! I enjoy doing lots of different things so it is hard for me to commit to only one thing. I think that is why I like hosting “Career Talk” so much! Each week we have a different guest and there is a mix of returning folks and new people as well! We get to talk about a bunch of different things and can encourage each other along the way! It is very difficult to find that one thing that really gets us excited so that we can “jump in with BOTH feet” But I can tell you one thing for sure: you will never find what you’re looking for by yourself; it takes a group, a team, a “Community”
Join us next week for:  “YOUR Career and YOUR Community” with our guest: Brandy Brown from the NoMa Community Center!
– Mr. Paul Suarez
Today’s Resources:
Family Enrichment Network:
Family Enrichment Network
Head Start/Early Head Start, call Kathy Gross (ext 880)
– Free early childcare programs for 0-4, income eligibility
Child Care Resource and Referral Program, call Jenn Perney (ext 872)
– locating and certification/training for daycare providers, summer program finder
Nutrition Outreach Education Program-SNAP, call Jenn Eichler (ext 827)
– SNAP certifications and recertifications
WIC Help Specialist, call Callie Bullis (ext 1651)
– help getting connected to WIC benefits
Fatherhood Program, call Dan Lesch (ext 838),
– Free fatherhood workshops, everyone welcome, workshops now meet live online, gift card incentives for program completion

Yomi Olufade – Carlisle Hills

Shelley Lay – Exchange Street