Literacy Volunteers of Broome-Tioga Co., Inc.

Learning Tools.


Worksheet Works has a variety of printable math and English worksheets. Each worksheet will contain different problems each time it is selected. Levels vary.

Math-Drills includes over 50,000 free printable math worksheets including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, money, etc.

DTLK has educational activities and crafts for children (some are printable).

Common Core Sheets has printable math as well as language, social studies, and science worksheets.

Math Playground has many games that can be played on a computer (levels Grade 1-6).

Breaking News English Lessons presents current news stories in several reading levels.
The story and various worksheets can be printed.

VOA (Voice of America) Learning English Video/Audio Lessons at several levels, lessons on the Constitution, etc.

National Geographic Family

COVID-19 Resources and Coloring Books

Career Talk Resources


Leveled stories with questions on life skills topics (from bike safety to starting a new job)
Select “print the stories” or “read online.”

Hands-On: A Collection of Literacy Activities is a collection of reading and writing activities that you can read and work through online.



Please feel free to use our resources in this column to achieve your career goals!

Jobseeker- Phone Tips and Etiquette

Tips on How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

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