Career Talk #8 – June 25th, 2020: Making Education Work for YOU

“Career Talk” Quote of the Week: “Each one teaches one”

A big “Career Talk” thank you to Sally Miller for an inspirational and informative interview!

Sally mentioned that the above quote was an obligation! ‘Obligation‘ doesn’t seem like a word we like to talk about often, but I’m inclined to think it is relative to education because I think that we as a society have come to believe that the only people who can teach are those who have made teaching a profession! In reality, every one of us is a teacher! We all have a wealth of personalized information, experiences, and knowledge to share.

One of the biggest problems we have at Literacy Volunteers is recruiting Learning Partners to help others because a lot of people think they have to be a trained teacher.

We are all teachers! The great teachers of today and tomorrow will have a couple of things in common: The first thing is they will be good listeners (I was going to write “great listeners,” but I don’t think anyone is a great listener; it is something we are getting better at day by day).

The second is that they will look for strengths! A good teaching model is this: look for strengths and improve on weaknesses. Babies don’t know how to walk, they take a few steps at a time and take it from there. Adults are no different. We try, learn, adjust, and move forward.

My grandson is learning to read and guess who is teaching him? His dad is! He is not a teacher, he is an electrician! He told me about his system for teaching him, and it seems too simple to be true. They just read books together and then he asks him about some of the words and then sometimes they sound them out together. What a beautiful word – together. Could it be that it isn’t even about the reading? Maybe it is more about the togetherness and the reading is just an added bonus!

Please contact us if you would like to be a ‘Literacy Volunteer.’ We would love to talk with you and find a place for you on our team!

The Book that Sally talked about is: “Upstream” by Dan Heath and you can find him on YouTube at “Upstream Heros”