Career Talk #10 – July 9th, 2020: The Bridge – Career Mentoring Program

A big thank you to Myra Garcia – Executive Director and Lameess Mehanna – Marketing and Event Coordinator at the American Civic Association!

“The Bridge” is a career mentoring program sponsored by the American Civic Association in cooperation with United Health Services, Broome Community College, the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, and Care Compass.

This program is designed to assist people who are new to this country to more fully utilize the skills that they have acquired in their home countries to the fullest degree possible through one on one mentoring and collaborative training with Community Professionals.

Please call Lameess at (607) 723-9419 for more information about getting involved in this opportunity! You may also visit: and click on “Bridge Program.”

We also talked about: “Cell-ed” which is a virtual learning platform that offers short courses in the English language, reading, writing, math, citizenship, and workplace preparation! For more information go to!